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Women's Wellness Care Box

Women's Wellness Care Box

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For so many women there comes a time when there is some sort of medical intervention into the parts of us that are often at the core of how we see ourselves as women - our breasts and our reproductive tract.

Our Women's Wellness Care Box is our selection of the products we have created to help soothe, repair, rejuvenate and restore body and soul as we experience these moments.

Each product is made from a range of plants renowned throughout the ages for their beneficial properties at a physical, emotional and energetic level. We slowly infuse organic plant oils with these botanic extracts and handcraft each exquisite product in small batches, ensuring freshness and maximising care and attention to detail.

You may also consider our reiki energy healing sessions to complement these products.

The Women's Wellness Care Box contains:

1 x 20ml Violet Leaf Decolletage Serum (for the breast area)

1 x 20 ml Calendula & Gotu Kola Skin Repair Cream (for the face)

1 x 20ml Love Botanic Mist (to spritz body and face)

1 x 15g Botanic Repair Balm (to soothe skin and scarring)

1 x 15g Naturally Feminine Balm (to soothe vagina and surrounding area)

1 x 5g Nettle & Calendula Infusion (to soothe the digestive tract and provide essential minerals & vitamins)