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The Elderflowering Menopause Care Box

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Menopause gets a lot of bad press but Archeus embraces this time in a woman's life and because we're going through it too, our menopause products have been created from personal experience as well as responding to requests from women for help with some of the things that happen.


Our Elderflowering Menopause Care Box helps you through some of menopause's ups and downs. It contains The Change - a cooling mist for hot flushes, Violet Leaf Intensive Decolletage Serum made from violet leaves, which incidentally, have been used throughout centuries for women's boobs and reproductive tract, and there is also our hugely popular Naturally Feminine Balm that we created to help soothe and rejuvenate dried up lady bits.


This care box contains:
1 x 15g Naturally Feminine Balm
1 x 20ml The Change Hot Flush Cooling Mist
1 x 20ml Violet Leaf Intensive Decolletage Serum
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 By the way, we called this 'Elderflowering' because a friend of ours said that when she went through menopause she had a party to celebrate her Elder-Flowering... the blossoming of a woman stepping fully into her own power!