The Change - hot flash cooling mist

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Whoa baby! Feel the heat of that hot flush. Or flash. Potato. Potarto. Whatever you call it, if you are going through the menopause you know what we mean!


Menopause gets a lot of bad press but Archeus embraces this time in a woman's life and because we're going through it too, our menopause products have been created from personal experience as well as responding to requests from women for help with some of the things that happen.


The Change - is a cooling mist for hot flashes. We've made it from a mix of hydrosols, essential oils and plant essences - many of which we make ourselves from plants growing in the Archeus gardens. We help  you take the heat out of the moment by cooling you down with beautiful ingredients like rosemary hydrosol, fir essential oil, peppermint, clary sage and then plant essences of hollyhock and oak to help keep you grounded. 


Hollyhock used to be used as a herb for menopause. We prefer to use it for its energetic aspects which provide a sense of being grounded and connected to the earth beneath your feet. Oak is a fabulous plant essence. It really helps support a sense of resilience and calm. We love it!!


Team this product up with our Naturally Feminine Balm and our Violet Leaf Decolletage Serum and we're really working to help you through the change in the best, most fabulous way you can.


The Change is available in:
100ml mist bottle
20ml mist bottle