Plant Essence - Kawa Kawa

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Archeus plant essences & elixirs are made with plants growing organically on the Archeus property. We handpick the plant material for these essences and make them using a traditional quartz-infused sun method. Then we also placed them under the recent Super Blue Blood Moon for some extra energy. We make these essences and blends to help nature help you. 


Botanical name: Macropiper excelsum

Positive attribute: sense of peace and well-being, ability to move on from trauma or illness
Negative indication: can't see the light
Primary quality: Protection

Kawa kawa is a beautiful tree, so full of healing and good will. Its energy can be very cleansing and healing. Like the way it grows, Kawa kawa helps you move from darkness into light. It can help dispel negative thoughts and bring about a sense of peace. It is a wonderful energy to help lift the dark cloud of depression.

Planetary influence: Saturn (with moon)
Medicine wheel: West
Chakra: 2nd

This essence contains: Kawa kawa (Macropiper excelsum), Aqua, Grape alcohol.

10ml/0.33 fl.oz stock oral dropper bottle

Place 2-3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.