Plant Essence - Fennel

Plant Essence - Fennel

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Archeus plant essences & elixirs are made with plants growing organically on the Archeus property. We handpick the plant material for these essences and make them using a traditional quartz-infused sun method. Then we also placed them under the recent Super Blue Blood Moon for some extra energy. We make these essences and blends to help nature help you. 

Botanical name: Foeniculum vulgare

Positive attribute: calm, feeling balance, not flipping out
Negative indication: rage
Primary quality: Calm

In Ayurvedic medicine, fennel is used as a carminative - this means it helps calm the digestive system and reduce things like wind. Energetically we see fennel as a primo remedy for rage and for that feeling of just going to flip out at any moment. You could say it takes the hot air out of a situation! Also, you may notice that fennel grows prolifically along NZ roadsides these days. It's that tall darkish-green plant with feathery leaves and yellow 'umbel' heads. We figure that it is there for a reason - it is there as a road rage remedy going 'slow down', 'chill out', 'keep safe'. That's the lovely thing about fennel - by helping you control rage it is helping you keep safe. Gotta love that.

Planetary influence: Mercury
Medicine wheel: North
Chakra: 3rd

This essence contains: Fennel  (Foeniculum vulgare), Aqua, Grape alcohol.

10ml/0.33 fl.oz stock oral dropper bottle

Place 2-3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.