Plant Essence - Bee Balm

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Archeus plant essences & elixirs are made with plants growing organically on the Archeus property. We handpick the plant material for these essences and make them using a traditional quartz-infused sun method. Then we also placed them under the recent Super Blue Blood Moon for some extra energy. We make these essences and blends to help nature help you. 

Positive attribute: Clarity and calm, appeasement

Negative indication: sharp-tongued, feeling used and hurt

Bee balm was used by First Nations people in America as an anesthetic. This is easy to believe as when you nibble a leaf it is hot and peppery and gradually makes the tip of your tongue go numb. This can be a very handy attribute if you feel like blowing your top with someone or something! Bee Balm can help us keep our words in check. It reminds us to think first and speak later! But its numbing qualities are also of comfort when we do want to take the heat of a situation, to reduce our anger. Oh and bees absolutely love it - but then you knew that already from the name!

This essence contains: Bee Balm (Monarda fistulosa), Aqua, Grape alcohol.

10ml/0.33 fl.oz stock oral dropper bottle

Place 2-3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.