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Menopause Pack

Menopause Pack

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Archeus is here to help you through life transitions - like menopause.

Buy our core menopause range of products together in our Menopause Pack and let Nature help your body, mind and emotions.

The Change Mist (20ml) cools hot flushes;

Transition Drops (30ml) are blended to lend support coping with anxiety, hot flushes, insomnia;

Calendula & Gotu Kola Skin Repair Cream (20ml) keeps your skin looking fabulous;

Our Plant Essences & Elixirs (10ml) help Nature help you through turbulent emotions;

Naturally Feminine Balm (15g) soothes vaginal dryness.

All of these products are formulated by us and made by us in Hawke's Bay from beautiful natural and organic herbs, oils, resins and butters.

Buy these products together in the Menopause Pack and save 10%.

We ship nationwide and internationally. 

Archeus is a finalist in the 2018 Pure Beauty Global Awards.