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Incense and Elixirs - a day of workshops in the Archeus Apothecary

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On Sunday 21 January we have two workshops taking place and there are a few spaces left; so why not treat yourself and book a place at both and make a day of it. These workshops will not be run again until Spring 2018.


Smoke - the Art of Natural Incense & the Divine
10.00am - 12.30pm. 2.5 hours, $95 per person (limited to 8 people)

This workshop is a delicious exploration of the world of natural incense and traditions such as smudging and space clearing. 

You will create your own natural incense blends, make your own smudge sticks and learn about what herbs, spices and resins have been used through time. We will also make some ancient Egyptian incense known as 'kyphi'.

This is a beautiful workshop, full of aroma, history and the divine.


Garden of Delight - Love Potions & Elixirs
2.00pm - 4.30pm. 2.5 hours, $95 per person (limited to 8 people).

Get ready for this one as it is going to bring out the Cleopatra in you! This workshop is all about seduction and the power of scent. It is a celebration of the divine.

You will have fun learning about and making love potions and elixirs. You will make some goodies to take home with you and you will sample others. We will explore some of the legend, myth and symbolism of plants and love. It is a little bit naughty and a whole lot of magic!

Total for both workshops: $190.
You get to take your recipe books, info and everything you make home with you.

In between the workshops you are welcome to have your lunch in our gardens and explore them and meet some of our favorite medicinal plants.

If you want to book just one of these workshops you need to head to their individual listings on this site. You can use this page to book for both.