Geranium & Aloe Hand Cream

Geranium & Aloe Hand Cream

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A light and moisturising hand cream for everyday use.

See below for more information about the ingredients we have used, notes on making it and some of the processes involved.


100ml /3.38 fl.oz

Product Details

  • Aloe soothes
  • Geranium has skin balancing properties
  • Beautiful unrefined organic shea butter
  • Handy pump bottle

About this Product

This lovely hand cream is made from floral water, organic butters, oils and extracts selected to protect and hydrate your hands. Rosemary essence from the Archeus gardens provides a touch of focus. Think of it as a hand cream meditation!

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Shea butter comes from Southern Sudan and South West Ethiopia. It is very high in Vitamin A which helps build new skin cells and allantoin which helps heal tissue.