Frankincense & Sage Plant Remedy Toner

Frankincense & Sage Plant Remedy Toner

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Tone, refresh and feel divine with this plant remedy toner


See below for more information about the ingredients we have used, notes on making it and some of the processes involved.

100ml /3.38 fl.oz

Product Details

  • Frankincense resin delivers skin-repairing antioxidants
  • Contains plant essence made from white sage growing on the Archeus property
  • Soothes and dispels negative energy
  • Beautiful to use at the beginning or end of your day

About this Product

This plant remedy toner is as much for the spirit as it is for the skin. In skincare Frankincense is celebrated for its antioxidant properties that help fight damage to skin cells. In history and ritual it is revered for connecting us to the divine. White sage is a sacred plant that clears negativity and creates a healing space. Quite simply it is divine.

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The White Sage we use grows in the flower beds outside the Archeus Apothecary. This herb has been traditionally used to clear spaces and people of negative energy.