Astrobotanics deluxe

Astrobotanics deluxe

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"We are a product of the earth and the heavens" - Marsilio Ficono 1498

Imagine a cream, an oil, an elixir that connects you to nature and the universe. Each ingredient, each plant ally selected according to your planetary influences and earthly needs. 

Astrobotanics by Archeus is ancient wisdom for modern living. Each offering handcrafted, just for you.


What is Astrobotanics?:

Astrobotanics is my modern interpretation of ancient wisdom that connects us to nature and the universe. For many years now I have been working with the healing power of plants. Since my childhood I have sensed the energetics of individual plants, the landscape and the universal energy that flows between us. I have studied. Each offering handcrafted just for you by me, a shamanic reiki master, herbalist and specialist in ancient healing practices.

Plants can be powerful allies. Beyond their therapeutic benefits is also an energetic connection. I love to bring this energy into the products that I make. Astrobotanics takes this idea even further by exploring your own unique planetary influences and then selecting the plants that can help ease, support, enhance influences from above.

I make a cream and a serum for you to use as your daily beauty regime. The plant essence elixir blend is made from specific plants to help you over the following three months (you receive an elixir tailored for each three month period of the next year). This elixir support emotional well-being.

When you order the Astrobotanics Deluxe Set a beautiful, handcrafted facial cream, facial serum and a plant essence elixir will be delivered to your door every three months over the next year.

What you need to do:

You need to provide your email address as you go through checkout so that I can create your personalised set for you. After making your purchase you will receive an email from me asking you for your date, time and place of birth and some questions about your general health and well-being. Please reply with information so that I can start to work on your order. This information remains confidential.

What I do:

When I receive your information I will then prepare your natal astrological chart to determine the key planetary influences of your physical and emotional well-being. Then I create another chart looking at the twelve months ahead.

From this information and drawing on centuries-old wisdom around astrological herbalism as well as my skills as an energy worker, I select the plants that correspond with planets to balance and support your unique self as seen by the planets. I then use these plants to create your face cream, serum and also the elixir blend of plant essences to be your ally through the next three months of your chart. I am a shamanic reiki master and I use this skill to augment the plant energies I am working with on your behalf.

I will provide you with information about the plant choices, your plant allies as written in the stars and a brief three monthly look at the astrological influences coming your way. 

What you receive:

Natal chart value $150
12 month predictive chart $115

Four handcrafted personalised face creams @ $90 each
Four handcrafted personalised facial serums @90 each
Four handcrafted personalised plant essence elixir blends @29 each

You will receive a package with one cream, one serum and one elixir blend plus plant and astrological information every three months. This is so I can make each package up for you at the time of sending to ensure absolute freshness of product.

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For the equivalent of $17.32 a week, (or that's less than the cost of half a cup of coffee a day!) you get a natal chart report, the year ahead predictive chart report, your plant allies identified according to planetary influences, your own handcrafted personalised face cream, serum and plant essence elixir delivered to your door every three months for the 12 months from purchase date. Tips on ways to use your elixir blend.