Artisan Perfume Oil - Rose & Frankincense

Artisan Perfume Oil - Rose & Frankincense

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The Archeus philosophy revolves around connecting us more closely to Nature. Our Artisan Perfume Oils celebrate this and pay homage to the beautiful scent of flowers. We use the finest pure essential oils and absolutes to create our artisan blends.



10ml roll-on bottle


Product Details

  • The clear, ancient scent of Frankincense
  • The beautiful aroma of Rose absolute
  • Roll-on bottle for easy application

About this Product

Our beautiful artisan perfume oils pay homage to the perfumiers and alchemists through time. We blend stunning essential oils and absolutes with organic camellia oil to create the perfect oil to anoint your pulse points.

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The ancient Egyptian queen Neferititi created huge, heavily guarded storehouses to stockpile the frankincense she bought from along the ancient trade routes.