Archeus Yoga Mat


Archeus Yoga Mat
Archeus Yoga Mat
Archeus Yoga Mat

Archeus Yoga Mat


Archeus yoga mats can help you take your mind body spirit practice to the next level in wellness. 

These mats are perfect for yin yoga, pilates and meditation practices.

Our mats are handwoven using organic cotton that has been dyed using concoctions (known traditionally as kayashas) of herbs used in ayurvedic medicine for improving skin condition, boosting the immune system, eliminating toxins and for general well-being. We like to think that these blends of herbs contribute to the nourishing and nurturing experience of slow, deep meditative practice such as yin yoga.

Someone once said "what is old is new again". That could be said for these mats. They are made using an ancient ayurvedic technique called 'ayurvastra' which translates as 'Life Cloth'.

Over 80 different herbs are used in these mats. Signature herbs that are not only used to provide the beautiful colours, but also for their medicinal properties include sandalwood, neem, indigo, vetiver, nettle and turmeric. Many of the herbs used in making the mats are herbs we also use in our skincare range that we handcraft right here in Hawke's Bay. For more information about these herbs read our blog post on this topic.

The underside of the mat is brushed with natural rubber which adds grip to the mat. The woven ribbing on the mats provides grip for your feet. These mats help extend your practice into something even more divine. They tread so lightly on the earth that you can even compost them when you are done with them.

Our partners in India who make these mats for us by hand are committed to environmental and social sustainability. Their work is helping revive traditional handloom skills. This herbal dyeing process does not use any toxic or synthetic materials. The water used in the process is reused for irrigation, while the solid plant matter is returned to the earth as compost.

  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • No synthetic dyes or chemicals are used
  • Each mat is handwoven
  • Natural rubber is brushed on underside
  • Dyed using blends of herbal extracts used in ayurvedic medicine
  • The mats are washable. See care instructions below

We have added these mats to our range because well, we love them! We want to help give you choices that can contribute to reducing the toxin load in your busy life. We wanted to give you the opportunity to not only rest your body and face on an organic cotton mat during your practice but for it to be one that is also charged with gorgeous healing herbs. That is a much nicer proposition than a synthetic alternative don’t you think?


Archeus yoga mats are only available on the Archeus website. By doing this it means we can ensure fair pay for our partners in India and a fair price for you.

Dimensions: 70cm x 170cm. There may be slight variations in the measurements due to each mat being individually handwoven. Your mat weighs approx 1.2kg and comes with a cotton carry strap and bag.

Care instructions: use a mild eco-friendly washing detergent. Do not use bleach. While hand washing is preferred, you can machine wash your mat up to 60 degrees. Hang on the line to dry.

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