Botanically Infused Yoga Mat

Botanically Infused Yoga Mat

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Archeus handwoven, organic cotton yoga mats are hand dyed with healing herbs to help take your mind body spirit practice to a new level of bliss. These mats are perfect for yin yoga, pilates and meditation practices.

The herbs are selected for their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and supporting properties. See below for more information.

Add another dimension to the way you tap into your energy and the energy that flows through us all by adding our Archeus Plant Essences & Elixirs as drops in your water, or in a room diffuser..... helping Nature help and empower you.


Product Details

  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • No synthetic dyes or chemicals are used
  • Each mat is handwoven
  • Natural rubber is brushed on underside
  • Dyed using blends of herbal extracts used in ayurvedic medicine
  • The mats are washable. See care instructions.

About this Product

Our mats are handwoven using organic cotton that has been dyed using concoctions (known traditionally as kayashas) of herbs used in ayurvedic medicine for improving skin condition, boosting the immune system, eliminating toxins and for general well-being.

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