Supporting Argyll East Primary School's conservation efforts

 The kids, staff and parents at Argyll East Primary School have been very busy on the conservation front and Archeus is delighted to be helping with a few dollars to put towards their work. Where once there stood a macrocarpa shelterbelt, now there is a beautiful block of native trees and plants. The native tree planting started just six years ago and already many of the plants are towering over adult heads. They also have a shade house for raising seedlings and they have done some great planting along the creek that runs along the school boundary.

 When I first arrived in New Zealand as a skinny little eight year old, Argyll East was the first school I attended here. It is located at the southern tip of the Raukawa range in Hawke's Bay. From there I went to Raukawa primary school which sadly closed years ago. So location and personal history make it feel right to be able to support the children at Argyll East with their conservation activity - maybe one day it will create habitats for the Raukawa tree to thrive in once again!

Caption: Teacher Rose Hay explores the native tree planting with pupils at Argyll East Primary School.


You can be part of this as every time you buy an Archeus product some of the proceeds will go towards funding this ambitious project. If you think you can help the project in other ways then do not hesitate to contact us at .


Caption for previous banner image:  Baxter Twist, Charlie Moorhead and Cameron Brans show off some of the seedlings in the shade house at Argyll East Primary School.