The Raukawa tree was very special to Maori because of the perfume they made from it, and it has featured in many love stories over the centuries, most notably the union between the beautiful Kahungungu princess Mahinarangi and Turongo, son of Tainui chief Tawhiao. Not only was Mahinarangi gorgeous, but she also anointed herself with the perfume and wore the leaves of the Raukawa tree in her hair, which made her pretty much irresistible. 

Turongo had travelled to the area and became entranced by her and, to cut a long story short, married her and they returned to the Waikato. They named their first son Raukawa and he began the Ngati Raukawa line. 

Coincidentally, the meeting and marriage of this legendary couple took place in the rural district Archeus founder, Georgina, grew up in, called Raukawa, in Hawke’s Bay on the east coast of the north island of New Zealand. With all these layers and connections it felt important for her personally to try and help bring these wonderful trees back to the landscape… and it seems the idea is catching on.