I really care about how my products help or bring a little bit of joy into people’s lives. Here are some testimonials from customers for a range of my handcrafted Archeus products. I hope that their words may help you with your choice. Georgina

The Best
Definitely THE best natural skincare being made in NZ and I've tried them all …  Katie

Amazing results from the angry red rash 9 days ago to a settled skin. Used (Vital Oil) morning and night after cleansing and under my normal moisturiser and put on as an extra when working in the garden. Now skin has settled using in conjunction with the Matcha Mask. In love with the Mask . Keep blending Georgina, your products are beautiful. Lyn

Thank you so much for your help!
I can’t stop smiling at the results! It’s so much better and it doesn’t hurt anymore! I don’t know what I would have done without you and your products but you have definitely made me a happy girl again! Pete was right, "you're a bloody miracle worker" – Nicky

Great news
Mum’s skin is showing great improvement, the itching & tightness has eased considerably & her words ”skin is feeling wonderful”. So we’re making great progress. Thank you very much. – Karlene

 Great, soothing tattoo balm with a pleasant fragrance
The product exceeded my expectations, was non-sticky, had extended moisturizing and anti-itch capabilities relative to Bepanthen, non-medicinal in odour, and helped expedite the healing process. Lines are fully healed at 1.5 weeks =) Thank you! =) - Clarrie

Life changing!
At the beginning of this year I developed dermatitis around my eyes which started getting worse and worse as the year went on. The worse it got the more it affected my self-confidence/self esteem and it was really starting to upset me. It wasn’t just the way it looked that bothered me but it was also the constant burning sensation that wouldn’t go away. I knew it was there without even looking in the mirror. Nothing worked and after spending lots of money on many doctors appointments and medications that didn’t seem to work Vital Oil was a last resort and it changed my life! Its the most amazing product I have ever come across and my skin loves it! After 6 months of medications and creams my dermatitis got worse but after 10 days of Vital Oil it was almost completely gone. I recommend this product to everyone with sensitive skin and skin problems! - Nicky

Spectacular oil
This oil (Vital Ink Tattoo Conditioning Oil) saved me! I was a tattoo newbie and expected the inking to hurt but was unprepared for the itching and burning afterwards. This was the third product I tried on my new tattoo and it was by far the best. The oil was so soothing to the burn and the itch, and my tattoo healed much faster than they said it would, so I assume it helped with the healing as well. I will buy this as a gift for any friend who gets a tattoo (not sure I'll get another tattoo myself...). Thanks so much! - Jennifer

Vital Balm (Amazing for Kids)

I have been using Vital Balm on my 3 year old daughter for almost a year. She has mild eczema and sensitive skin. The eczema was particularly bad around her eyes making it very hard to treat as not supposed to use steroid creams around eyes. Vital Balm has been a dream - I use it daily on her face and anywhere else that has dry skin and it has cleared up the eczema completely. Its so soothing and calming - during the winter I used it on all my kids noses and lips when they had colds and skin was dry and scratchy. Nothing is as effective and gentle as this. Would highly recommend it for kids (and I use it too!) - Kate

No rash no stress!
I have suffered from a rash particularly on my arms, for several years. This occurs especially over the winter with tight sleeves or synthetic clothing. Archeus is the only product that has helped me. It does, in fact, completely heal the rash and stops all the itching. In the past I tried several prescription ointments and none were effective. I am so pleased that I finally found this Archeus product and solved this very stressful problem. - Rachel

Just LOVE.

Best lip balm ever! - Katie

I can breathe!
I suffer badly from sinus problems at this time of year due to all the pollen about. I tried Archeus Allergy Drops and they have made a huge difference. I don't feel blocked up and my breathing is clearer. When I realised that I hadn't thought about my sinuses in a couple of days I knew I was onto a good thing. Thanks Archeus. Alastair

The Best
I have very sensitive skin, I just love this oil. Heavenly smell and nurturing, soothing feel. My skin literally drinks it in! Katie

Panacea for All
Your Gardener's Balm is truly a panacea for all it seems, and I have discarded my steroid-medicated cream which hitherto was the only treatment which treated my dermatitis -  which is frequently aggravated when gardening. Liz

This product is pure, natural & effective!!
The antioxidant matcha mask is just lovely. It calms my skin and leaves it with a healthy glow for days. I loved the suggestions from Archeus to mix it with almond oil or olive oil, instead of water. Great advice thanks - it feels very nourishing - no need to moisturise afterwards. - Helen

This beats all the others on the market today
I have had a lot of ink put on my body. As a result, I have tried a range of tattoo aftercare. This balm is magic. Non greasy, stops the itching, keeps the ink moisturised. Simply said, it works. I keep a pottle around for other things as well. It works wonders on itchy bites, and I had my husband put it on the contact dermatitis that started under his wedding band with great results. I think this product  should be part of everyone's home first aid kit. I love it. - Sheila

A little goes a long way.
This product smells amazing, I've been applying after showering and I only need to use a very small amount, my skin feels really soft and hydrated after applying. I love this product thank you Archeus! - Vee

Soothing and Healing Anima
My Frenchies play rough with one another and come in with scrapes, scabs, nips and bites. A small application of the balm and they clear up almost overnight. Confession: One day I had a scratch and used it on myself. Worked a treat! - Sheila


Delicate & Ethereal
Have just discovered Archeus! LOVE your products and the ethos behind them. This moisturizer is gentle and soothing, absorbed quickly yet leaving my skin feeling hydrated and nurtured. The smell is divine and the texture/feel exquisite. - Katie

Archeus Frankincense and Borage Moisturiser.
Wonderful to be reconnected with this beautiful product. Thank you. My skin feels nicely hydrated in this cooler climate.  - Gaelen

Beautifully soothing tattoo balm
I used this balm after trying two other products to help with the burning and itching--and healing--process. Not only did it work beautifully, it was also beautiful to use--lovely scent, lovely feel, and ooh how it helped. Thank you thank you! - Jennifer

Love Botanic Mist - An essential item
"I am lyrical about this product. It is so useful when your face becomes drier at the end of the day. Whereas once I would have renewed my makeup to go out, I now use this hydrating spray and it makes my face moist and fresh. I absolutely love this product and I consider it an essential item. - Rachel

Little acts of kindness
I have been using this moisturiser for two years. I couldn't use any other product now as it is a really nurturing cream that makes my face feel more alive and softer. It is economical because I only use it sparingly. It is more effective than any other natural cream I have used. I love the feeling it gives me and I believe it makes my complexion appear healthier. It is an 'act of kindness' to myself to use this wonderful moisturiser!

Vital Oil - My Skin Loves It
From the first drop I put on my skin I knew this was a yummy oil. I put it on my face last night after cleansing and before going to bed, and honestly, I could feel my skin loving it. It was as if I could feel the oil gently rehydrating and smoothing my skin. You don't need much, and it is divine. I'm getting the oil cleanser to go with it as well. - Sheila

Archeus Balm
I have been using the balm on some very bad eczema on my hands for a little over a week now and it is clearing up nicely, no longer itches or hurts, has stopped splitting and bleeding and is getting smoother and more like normal skin again. And being natural I don't have to worry so much about it rubbing off onto my face etc. too. - Stephanie

"Oh Georgina, I am in love with your facial oil. In love!!! 
I have had this little dry patch under my eye which I have struggled to get rid of for weeks now. Steroid creams etc just haven't worked and I don't like putting them on my face or near my eyes. Four days using your oil at night and it is gone! Four days! I am singing your praises! I wish I had done a before and after shot to show you." - Amber

 "Archeus celebrates nature & is a brand full of integrity.
Not only do you get the benefit of beautiful hand-batched fresh organic skincare, but you know that each purchase conserves the environment by giving back. I love to refresh with the Floral mist & am in LOVE with the Gentle Camellia Moisturiser – it has such a beautiful mousse-like consistency, it leaves your skin hydrated & glowing."  -Sara

Smooth and Luxurious
This moisturiser makes me feel like Cleopatra before bedtime. It goes on creamy and smooth without that greasy feeling, and my skin loves it. The other day at work someone said I looked 'radiant,' and I give the credit to Georgina's sensitive skin oil and to this moisturiser. Definitely a must for anyone with mature skin. And the best don't need a lot. - Sheila

"Archeus Rocks! 
I am now an avid follower and devotee!" -Julie

Archeus a catalyst of change
"In many ways Archeus is a catalyst of change and portrays this with its truly holistic business model. Georgina, like Paracelsus is showing us a new perspective and heralding a new era of thinking. We congratulate her for bravely living her dream … and our skin thanks her for giving us such amazing product to use" - the team at Tardis Design, NZ

 "I love  the Archeus products. 
The moisturising products  are beautiful to wear.  Unlike many of the high-brand products I’ve used over many years, Archeus ones have a very light consistency unlike most heavy creams, and  yet my skin feels rich and nourished.  They seem to visibly reduce fine lines when used continuously, which is of course what every ‘mature skin’ needs.  Love it!" -Avon

"My skin feels amazing!
It feels so great. I've been using Archeus every day and it feels smooth as a baby's bot!" - Dom

Archeus gives and gives
"I feel so good and refreshed when using Archeus, but at the same time I feel as if I didn’t put anything on my face. I also feel that I am choosing the best, not only for the quality, but also for the philosophy that Archeus gives back to nature".  -Akiko