Archeus offers a range of services customised for individual needs.
If you are interested in any of the following, do not hesitate to contact Georgina, who will be very happy to discuss ideas and needs with you:

Bespoke Products

Looking for the ultimate skincare and well-being package? Discover Archeus bespoke packages.


Corporate Gifts

Looking for a special corporate gift? Archeus can handcraft items to meet your needs.


Private Workshops

Work with Georgina to create your very own private workshop event. 


Natural Business

Talk to Georgina about ways she can help your business develop its ecosystem thinking, deliver team-building events, coach teams and individuals in how to work with nature to help create a better workplace and happier staff. 


Speaking Engagements

Looking for an inspiring speaker for an event? Georgina can draw on her wise woman work, tapping into the ways in which we have worked with nature throughout time, or her extensive career promoting culture in the UK and what people like punk svengali Malcolm Mclaren have taught her about living authentically; working for Kew Gardens - one of the greatest botanical institutions in the world, and for the ground-breaking United Nations study into The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) that showed us the economic cost of messing with the environment and  wrote the book on the ways in which government and business can work with nature, rather than against it.