Your very own Archeus Apothecary Experience
In addition to our scheduled workshops, we can also offer the option of private workshops and corporate workshops.

An easy way to book your own workshop is simply to book out a scheduled one.

You are also welcome to discuss ideas with us. We can customise the experience to meet your needs. 

For example, I did a workshop last year for a group of people who worked together in a very stressful environment and so the whole day was centred around how we can make things from nature - aromatherapy, flower remedy essences and other things to help deal with stress. I have done workshops for two people and for ten - really the only thing limiting what can be done is imagination (and perhaps budget!).

And what about team-building and celebrations? Archeus workshops offer a really different and fun way of celebrating and building connections together. A neat alternative to the usual Christmas party!

Corporate workshops 
Are you thinking about how you can revitalise your executive team? Are you are looking for a different setting for crunching through new business strategies? We may be able to help.

Georgina Langdale is a thought leader, consultant, adviser and mentor.  Passionate about how we can learn from, and work with Nature in order to transform businesses and community initiatives so that we can create a sustainable and connected future, Georgina helps us work with nature wisdom for modern living.

Georgina’s international experience in cultural and environmental issues, strategy and capacity-building including working for the United Nations Environment Programme, combines with her deep insights into the intricate web of life and makes her an inspiring and thought-provoking maven who work with you to shake up your thinking and create your own sustainable corporate ecosystem.

Georgina welcomes the opportunity to engage with forward-thinking organizations seeking to embrace business transformation toward nature-based futures.

Get in touch
Drop us a line at or call me on 021 135 2639 to discuss your ideas and wishes.