Witchhazel & Rosemary Plant Remedy Toner

Maker's Note

Sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go and that is what I have done with the range of Archeus Plant remedy toners. These are all about maximising the benefits of one plant and supporting with a kindred plant remedy essence from the Archeus gardens.

I feel that witchhazel has an energy of clarity about it. It is quite a strange plant. It flowers in the dead of winter. Its branches are used for dowsing. It is used in many rituals around the world and witches consider witch hazel a magical herb, using it to keep away evil and to heal broken hearts. All that and it is a lovely refreshing astringent for the skin as well!

Rosemary is a beautiful herb of peace, fidelity and focus. Did you know that fresh rosemary tea can really help a headache?

Teaming witchhazel with rosemary plant remedy essence made in our gardens gives this toner an added dash of clarity and focus.