Vital Ultra-Soothing Oil

Maker's Note

Vital Oil is one of our most popular products as it becoming known for a gentle and healing oil for sensitive skin or for helping reduce the problems of eczema, dermatitis and other minor rashes and skin irritations.

I made this oil a few years ago now for someone who came to me with peri-ocular dermatitis. It was making her miserable and she had tried everything and came to me as a bit of a last resort. You can read about her story here.

Now it has a new name, Vital Ultra-Soothing Oil, and one very simple addition to its original formula. We have added St John’s Wort essence made from plants growing outside the Archeus apothecary to give a calming and healing energy to this beautiful oil.

We have carefully selected herbs that have developed reputations over centuries for aiding tissue repair, reducing itch and for being useful for a range of skin conditions. Chickweed and nettle are wonderfully healing plants - chickweed is renowned for its ability to soothe itching, and nettle is a key herb for calming angry and inflamed skin. Comfrey leaf supports the repair of damaged tissue and camellia oil is a lovely light oil that absorbs easily and is packed with antioxidants which help reduce inflammation.

There is a cooling aspect to this oil which I particularly like to use on hot, irritated skin.

You hardly need to use any at all and we think that your skin will thank you for it.