The art of smudging, or burning particular herbs as incense to cleanse space and spirit has been around for thousands of years and, in today’s world, it is a deeply calming and beautiful ritual to return to.

This simple idea of burning of herbs as part of rituals has been used by many cultures and religions from the ancient Egyptians to the Roman Catholic Church. Smudge sticks are probably most often identified with the North American Indian cultures. White sage and sweet grass were commonly used. Their traditions believed that the smoke of white sage would banish any negative energy or spirits from a person or place, while the smoke of sweet grass would attract positive energy.

Many other plants can be used as well. Plants that are rich in highly aromatic essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, cedar, fir and spruce are all popular choices.

We think that smudging is a lovely thing to do and would make a lovely addition to any Mindfulness work you may do.