Maker's Note

The Archeus philosophy revolves around connecting us more closely to Nature. Our Artisan Perfume Oils celebrate this and pay homage to the beautiful scent of flowers.

We use the finest pure essential oils and absolutes to create our artisan blends.

I had a visitor to the apothecary when I was creating this blend. He breathed it in and his eyes, his whole being, seemed to light up and glow. He drifted on the scent for a moment and then looked at me and said ‘That – is amazing’.

Rose is the queen of essential oils, more valuable than gold. We use Rose absolute. It is the scent of love, of promise, of joy and a celebration of all things beautiful. It walks with its deities including Eros, Cupid, Demeter and Adonis. Roses are a mainstay of love potions and spells. Roses have given birth to poetry, art, legend. The flowers are beautiful, petals of velvet, whirls of shadows and secrets. Blended with frankincense and rose becomes even more sublime.

Frankincense is the resin of a tree that grows in places like Ethiopia and Sudan. The lumps of resin look like gold. Frankincense is a treasure, a jewel. Its aroma is exquisite. Like rose, frankincense has been revered over thousands of years and coveted by many.

This Artisan Perfume Blend is gorgeous, vegan, timeless and we think of it as a love poem for Nature. It felt only right to add essence of Aspen to support a sense of inner peace and fearlessness.

These essential oils and essences are help in certified organic camellia oil. The blend comes in an elegant and simple bottle with a roller so that you can easily apply it to pulse points. Bliss.

Check out our Natural Perfumery Workshop if you are interested in exploring the power of scent even further.