Pomegranate & Peony Revitalising Night Cream

Maker's Note

Over the past few years I have received a number of requests for a night cream. So this is it and a brand new addition to the Archeus range. Night time is a time for healing and repair and so I have focused on herbs that help relax, repair and renew.

While you sleep, let our Pomegranate & Peony Revitalising Night Cream support your skin as it renews cells, balances and moisturises. This beautiful blend of traditionally infused oils, extracts and plant essences is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, perfect for some sleepy healing.

Lavender hydrosol (some distilled from lavender in our gardens) is rich in antiseptic properties and also is beautifully relaxing, perfect for a good night’s sleep. We’ve increased its relaxing energy with some lavender plant essence made from our garden lavender.

Pomegranate seed, Shea butter, calendula petals, plantain leaf, horsetail stem, peony root – this is a formula that draws on all parts of plant anatomy and provides a mix of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals that support the body as it creates new skin cells, fights off scavenging free radicals (the things that break down cells and create wrinkles!) and moisturises skin …. all while you sleep. Bliss.