Maker's Note - Nourish Apothecary Tea

Nettles are packed full of vitamins and minerals - for all their prickly exterior they are actually an ally and friend for our bodies . Nettle's store of vitamins, minerals, proteins and micro-nutrients nourish every bit of you and encourage optimal function in all aspects of your being. Burdock root is known as a blood cleanser. It is rich in minerals and is used in herbal medicine to promote kidney function. There is something lovely about Burdock. It is grounding and warming and we love it. While Burdock is working its magic, Cleavers, the old biddy bid plant, is working on the lymphatic system helping the body shift out toxins. Echinacea is said to help the body's immune system. Ginger root is renowned as a digestive aid and Rosehips are packed full of antioxidants and are one of the best sources of Vitamin C you can find - a great combination to help ward off the effects of winter!

We like to think about these plants in terms of the way the grow and the parts being used in this tea. You've got the earthy, grounded qualities of burdock, echinacea and ginger roots, combined with the airy light quality of cleavers, the rich green leafiness of nettle and the gorgeous summer fruit of rosehips. It's a beautiful picture for your palette.