Naturally Feminine Balm

Maker's Note

This product evolved because I had been asked by a number of women if I could make something natural and not estrogen-stimulating, to help with vaginal dryness especially with the onset of menopause.

After much trial and experimentation Naturally Feminine Balm is the result. I have been careful to avoid herbs that are oestrogen stimulating, and I have selected herbs that soothe, repair, help with cell renewal, stimulate capillary action and have aphrodisiac properties.

This balm is designed to be used as an everyday balm for your ‘lady bits’,  but is perfect for those sexy moments too.              

I love developing the formulas for all the Archeus skin care products, but the more I talked to other women who going through menopause, the more I wanted to make this balm. The journey to make it has been one of exploring the way we think of ourselves as women and our relationship with our body as we age. With that in mind I will leave the last word on this to the woman who originally asked me if I could help her:

 “I know that you are on to something and with Archeus a lot of other women will feel feminine once again”