Maker's Note - Matcha Antioxidant Mask

Maker's Note

We learnt about using matcha tea in face masks on one of our visits to Japan and have been fans ever since. We use certified organic Japanese ‘matcha’ powder because it is packed full of great-skin-giving antioxidants and teamed it up with different clays to gently remove impurities from your skin.

We have spent time on the Japanese tea plantation that our matcha comes from. You can read about it in our blog. We used to sell exquisite premium grade handpicked organic matcha but I think we were a bit ahead of the matcha wave here in NZ.  We’d love to bring it back though if enough of you are keen for us to do so (drop me a line if you are!).

But back to the mask, we have added organic certified neem leaf powder because it is great for dealing to spots and problem areas, while coconut milk powder and aloe vera give a little extra ‘smooth and soothe’ to the mask.

This product is great fun and really does leave your skin sparkling clean. Finish off with a spritz of one of our toners or mists, a drop or two of an Archeus oil or serum and a smidge of moisturiser.

I have two tips for using this mask: slather it on nice and thick and don’t let it dry right out – if you do it can make your skin quite red! The other tip is get a bunch of friends around and have a green face party!!! (OK, so that is three tips)