Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Artisan Perfume Oil

Maker's Note

The Archeus philosophy revolves around connecting us more closely to Nature. Our Artisan Perfume Oils celebrate this and pay homage to the beautiful scent of flowers.

We use the finest pure essential oils and absolutes to create our artisan blends.

Jasmine & Ylang ylang is a heady, exotic perfume that lingers in the mind and on the body. Jasmine is one of the most expensive and exquisite essential oils available. It is an absolute and it takes millions of flowers to make even one kilo of the precious oil. Jasmine is a flower of the moon, in fact one of its folk names is the delightful ‘Moonlight on the Grove’. As night comes jasmine responds with its essential oils rising up to the outer edge of petals – the aroma of jasmine at night is unforgettable and we could not resist it for our oils.

We have combined jasmine with the evocative and sensual Indonesian flower, ylang ylang. It drenches the psyche in an intense and languorous reverie. It conjures memories and romance. In history it has been held in high esteem as an aphrodisiac. We lifted these heady aromas with a touch of bergamot, giving a spicy undertone to the blend. We then added cerato and hawthorn plant essences to support the wearer in their sense of their own self, their own path.

These essential oils and essences are help in certified organic camellia oil. The blend comes in an elegant and simple bottle with a roller so that you can easily apply it to pulse points. Bliss.

Check out our Natural Perfumery Workshop if you are interested in exploring the power of scent even further.