I initially made this oil for a friend. She wanted something to use on her scalp and as her hair grew back after chemo. 

After lots of research, I selected herbs and essential oils that have been written about over time as beneficial for the scalp and hair and have been used as hair is growing back. Castor oil features in many old wives remedies for this purpose. Burdock was a key herb for this but I also like it as it is good for the skin also. Horsetail is rich in minerals and silica which helps strengthen nails and hair. It is also regarded as a traditional remedy for a dry, itchy scalp. Nettle has long been used as a conditioning rinse for hair and so we included this as well. 

My hair is long and wavy and thick and can get very dry and so every so often (and yes, I should do it more!) I just damp my hair and then put a good amount of the oil through my hair, first with my hands and then with a comb and then just tie it up out of the way and forget about it. I have found that you can't really put too much on as you can be amazed at how much oil your hair will absorb. Then, when done (I try to wait a few hours) I then just shampoo and condition as normal.

Our friends at Hair Revolution in London have an interesting blog on hair growth and diet. You can check it out here: