Maker's Note

I love serums and oils. I think they are elixirs for the skin. They are fluid, gentle and unfussy. My skin is very sensitive and can often react to pretty much anything, particularly in winter, but it loves serums and oils.

This serum used to be called Everlasting Oil and is made in a very traditional way by slowly macerating a range of organic herbs into certified organic camellia oil. This process takes time but means that the beneficial properties of the herbs are extracted and infused into the oil. I have added some gotu kola, sandalwood and rose to the original formula I had developed.

Initially this product was developed for a beautiful woman who was preparing for her wedding but was having problems with her skin. She kept suffering flare ups which she thought might be a reaction to the surgical masks she had to wear in her job as a nurse. As I made this formula I kept thinking ‘balance and soothe’ and selected herbs on that basis. She was delighted with the result.

In ayurvedic medicine (the traditional healing system of India) sandalwood is a key herb for treating skin conditions. We’ve used sandalwood essential oil, made from sustainably grown Australian sandalwood, to help balance skin and rose plant essence made from roses in our gardens because, well, roses have long been associated with beauty and our roses grow so exuberantly, they seem to be celebrating their own beauty – we figured this is a lovely energy to add to this beautiful serum.