Calendula & Gotu Kola Skin Repair Cream

Maker's Note

The back story to this cream is that a couple of years ago a woman came to see me as she had gone through a number of surgeries and months of pharmaceutical medication and her skin was really suffering from the journey. She wanted something that would help clear up her skin and also help reduce the impact of the surgical scars on her neck.

I infused certified organic camellia oil (one of my favourite oils!) with some truly beautiful herbs: the golden orange of calendula petals which have gorgeous anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties; chickweed – which sounds deeply unglamorous but is a master herb for hot, itchy skin conditions; plantain (yes, the same one that you hear about in farm pastures) is another great healing herb and also has drawing properties.

 It seems kind of weird to put nettles in a face cream, but they don’t sting when infused in oils and they offer up extraordinary amounts of vitamins and minerals and soothe red, irritated skin – I think of the power of nettles as a classic case of ‘like cures like’. Gotu kola works with capillaries and St John’s wort is regarded as a primo nervine (works with the nervous system) and wound healer.

 I added some essence made from St John’s wort growing outside the apothecary as I thought that if someone is worrying about their skin then some soothing plant energy may help as well. 

 Helichrysum italicum is one of my favourite essential oils. It costs an absolute fortune but is worth every cent. It is legendary for its synergy with scar tissue.