Maker's Note

This is a new addition to the Archeus range. An oil for oily and combination skin. Who’d have thought!? Actually it is a myth that oily skin does not like oil. I think what matters is what oil you use.

We’ve been taught to strip the skin of oils but all that does is remove the ‘acid mantle’ of the skin, which you can think of as its antibacterial coat of armour defending against incoming threats, and in the process of doing that we end making the skin produce more oil to compensate!

Burdock & Juniper Balancing Facial Serum is made from herbs that help draw infection, heal wounds, balance sebum production and offer a wealth of anti-inflammatory properties.

I thought it was nice to add some hawthorn plant essence as well because face it, having spots can get you down and so hawthorn, the beautiful heart herb, is there to give you a big planty hug and tell you that you are beautiful even if you are feeling that you are not.