Maker's Note

You may have used our wonderful Vital Balm over the past few years. Well, behind the scenes we have been continuing to refine and improve our formula and now we are delighted to make available our Archeus Botanic Repair Balm.

This balm has been created to support speedy recovery after procedures such as micropigmentation and laser treatments.

Ingredients have been selected for their anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturising and anti-itch properties which also makes this balm suitable for use on a wide range of skin conditions.

  • Calendula is a gentle yet powerful antiseptic and wound repairer
  • Chickweed has been used traditionally to aid the repair of hot, itchy skin conditions
  • Gotu kola is said to stimulate capillary action, which in turn can help with healing
  • St John’s Wort is a nervine and wound healer
  • Turmeric and Frankincense are anti-inflammatories
  • Rose has been used throughout time for beautiful skin