Botanical Facial Steam


Rose petals*, chamomile, lavender*, elderflower*, orange peel, comfrey leaf*, mint*, lavender essential oil**, Rosa damascena (Rose) plant essence++

*certified organic, ** therapeutic grade, ++wildcrafted


Directions for use:

1: Place a couple of spoons of the dried flower blend into a ceramic or glass bowl, cover the petals with boiling water.

2: Immediately put a towel over your head over the steam and feel the magic! The floral steam will help open pores and will carry with it many of the beneficial properties of the plants being used.

3: After steaming, pat face dry then spritz with one of our floral mists or aura sprays, apply a drop or two of one of our gorgeous facial oils or moisturisers and just feel .... beautiful!

In the unlikely event of negative reaction discontinue use & consult health practitioner. Store in cool dark place below 21°C. Handle with love.