When you buy a product you like to know you're using it correctly. Here are tips from us as to how to use them well.



Naturally Feminine Balm helps with dryness and discomfort to the vaginal, vulva, labia and anal area. A little goes along way. Just put some on a clean fingertip and apply to the area as needed. You can pop a little inside as well.

Because Naturally Feminine Balm only contains gentle healing herbs (no essential oils) it can be used anywhere on the body. It makes a beautiful nappy rash balm for babies and can help soothe sore nipples. Click here for product.

Sleep Balm can be used in a number of ways. Massage a small amount into temples and forehead. It’s also lovely to rub a bit in the centre of your chest, over your heart. TIP: this balm also makes a deliciously relaxing massage balm.  Click here for product.

Botanic Repair Balm there was a good reason that this product was a finalist int he Pure Beauty Global Awards category for Best New Premium Skincare Product, it is a fabulous all-purpose balm to soothe minor skin problems and for use after cosmetic tattooing and micropigmentation. Suitable for use with things like eczema, psoriasis and itchy bites. Apply a small amount as needed.  Click here for product.

After Laser Balm this is a super-soothing botanic balm developed for use after laser treatments for skin issues like scars, acne, deep wrinkles and tattoo removal. You just need to apply a small amount with a clean fingertip as needed. Click here for info and product.

Supernatural Tattoo Balm we started formulating balms for use during and after tattoo procedures after a woman asked Georgina if she had something she could use to heal a tattoo she was having done over her mastectomy scars. Supernatural is also used by many customers wanting something suitable for use on scars and with skin problems like psoriasis. All you need to do is gently apply a small amount to the area as often as needed. Click here for product.


Drops and Plant and Flower Essences:

Transition Drops – take a dropperful neat or in water 2-3 times a day. You can also use it if a sudden feeling of stress or a hat flash comes on.  Click here for product.

Plant and Flower Essences – take a couple of drops of an essence (also known as flower remedies) on its own, or you can combine a few drops of essences to make your own elixir. You can add these to a waterbottle or glass of water and sip throughout the day. You can put directly under your tongue. You can apply a drop to pulse and chakra points (anointing the third eye is lovely!). You can add to a diffuser (please not the drops have no fragrance).  Click here for more info.


Oils and Serums:

Calendula & Sandalwood Intensive Facial Oil – yum! This comes in a pump bottle. You only need a couple of drops. I like to put a couple of drops on my fingertips, then rub my hands together to spread the drops and then gently massage the oil into my face and neck. I cover my eyelids and everywhere. So delicious after cleansing. You can use on its own or under moisturiser. After letting it absorb for a couple of minutes you can apply makeup as normal.  Click here for product.

Halo Oil – this is a lovely deep conditioning treatment for your hair and scalp. I first made this for women whose hair was growing back after chemo, but it makes a fabulous treatment for any head of hair. Put about 3-4 good squirts of the oil into the palm of your hand and then massage through your hair. Comb it to get it all the way through. If you need a bit more oil, go for it. TIP: You do not need to make your hair dripping with oil. You just need to feel that you have a good covering. Then you can wrap your hair in a towel and go and enjoy Netflix for awhile, before rinsing your hair. Or you could put a towel over your pillow, go to bed and then rinse as normal in the morning. Some people like to shampoo their hair as well at this stage. That is fine too, whatever works for you! Use every week or so. Click here for product.

Rose & Frankincense Perfume Oil  – just roll some onto your pulse points at your wrist, neck and wherever else takes your fancy!  Click here for product.

Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Perfume Oil – just roll some onto your pulse points at your wrist, neck and wherever else takes your fancy!  Click here for product.



Rose & Hemp is a great all rounder cream. A couple of little dabs on your fingertips and then massage into face and neck area. Yum.  Click here for product.

Calendula & Gotu Kola Skin Repair Cream is totally the business. Again, you don’t need very much. It is wonderful for all skin types.  Click here for product.



Apothecary Blend Teas just add a heaped teaspoon per person to a teapot. Cover with boiling water and allow to steep for a good few minutes before drinking. In fact the longer you leave them, the better they get.  Click here for product.

Don't forget to recycle any glass and tins and your cardboard box!