Archeus Apothecary Smudge Sticks are made from plants growing at Archeus and are chosen for their symbolism or healing uses as much as for their scent. Everything grown here is grown organically. We always like to include white sage in smudge sticks, then we improvise from there, creating various combinations of herbs used according to the season and the supportive intent we envisage the smoke of the smudge providing.

Combinations of  the following herbs are used in our smudge sticks:

White sage - traditionally used in smudge sticks and believed to banish negative energy

Rosemary  - a symbolic plant of purification;

Lavender - regarded as a plant of peace;

Hawthorn leaves and berries (depending on the season) -  symbolically helps gives courage and is said to stimulate love and forgiveness;

Spruce - a symbol of protection and was regarded as a symbol of the sky;

Oak  -  regarded as a tree of protection and it is good luck to be given something from the might oak 

Mullein leaves - a plant of conviction, a plant evoking self-belief and self-worth.

Mugwort - used as a protection herb and also to increase dreaming (please note: do NOT use mugwort if you are pregnant. Because of this we have two variations of smudge sticks - those without and those with mugwort)