Georgina Langdale has always believed in the transformative power of nature and its ability to help us in health, beauty and wellbeing.

It was nature she instinctively turned to for support after childhood trauma. This led to life-long studies into how we have worked with nature for healing and connection throughout time.

Trained as a herbalist, massage therapist, reiki master and shamanic healer, as well as in environmental science, the first 25 years of Georgina’s professional career included running a cultural communications agency in London, working for the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew and at the United Nations Environment Programme on a major study into human impact and interrelationship with biodiversity and ecosystems.

In 2013 Georgina stepped fully into her path as a healer and teacher creating Archeus and in 2019 launching the Centre for Nature-Based Wellness.


"skincare guru" - Viva

"Your authenticity and naturalness was a bar-setting approach" - Claire