This is where we really dig deep into you so that you can discover things about yourself you’ve never even considered. So that you get those ‘Ah-hah’ moments where things just start making sense.

Together we discover the planetary, ecological and elemental influences on your body and soul and how we can work with them to transform your life. 

First up, after our free introductory call,  I’m going to do some chart work (just like the great physicians and philosophers of the renaissance did) to get a picture of your planetary influences.  The chart helps us get quickly to the nub of things and set goals for the next  six months or twelve months. It also helps me identify your plant allies and affinities with landscape as medicine.

We harness the power this understanding gives us so that you can reconnect, rebuild and revitalise your life.

You will learn to see yourself in relation to the natural world around you and you’re going to learn how to draw strength from it so that you can feel more confident, less alone, a better mother, lover, friend, business person, creative being.



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Please note at present one-off bookings for energy healing work at not available.