Caring for your Herbally Dyed Sheets

Looking after your Archeus herbally dyed sheets is easy. Here are a couple of tips so that they keep their beauty and their goodness for years to come:

1:            You can wash them in the washing machine – on a cool to warm wash

2:            Use eco-friendly detergent. It’s better for the sheets, for you and for the planet.

3:            Dry them out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause some of the bolder colours such as the turmeric yellow to fade or streak. Yes, you can put them in the drier.


How does the herbal dye stay in the fabric?

The organic cotton fibre is handwoven into the sheeting fabric and then prepared for dyeing by soaking in a mix of natural ingredients such as chalk, water and bran which opens up the fibres so that the herbal dye can bond more thoroughly with the fibre. The sheets are then dipped a number of times in a vat of the special blend of herbs.

After dyeing the sheets are left hanging to ‘cure’ before being finished with a treatment of water, aloe vera and castor oil. Can you believe that in many commercial fabrics this last step is done with formaldehyde!

Like many fabrics there may be some initial loss of colour, but this will settle down.

These are not an ordinary sheet. They are handwoven, completely natural and we feel that as they wear they also increase in their beauty and softness. You can see the craft of the artisan makers in these sheets. You can rest comfortably in the knowledge that only healing herbs and organic cotton is next to your skin.