Archeus energy medicine 

Connecting with the healing force of Nature

I am now pleased to be able to offer individual treatments and energy sessions, either in the Archeus Apothecary or as distance healing sessions. I work with energy as I make all Archeus products, infusing them with Reiki and shamanic energy medicine; and so offering healing treatments is a natural extension of the work I do.

Since my childhood, I have worked intuitively with energy medicine. It was how I helped myself recover from the trauma of sexual abuse as a child. In shamanic terms that was the point I became the Wounded Healer and I believe it was what put me on the path of working with plants and Nature for health beauty and well-being.

When I trained as a massage therapist in the UK I also used energy work as part of my offering. Over time I sought to deepen my knowledge of ways of working with energy and continued to find teachers to assist me on my path. I am a qualified Master of Reiki healing (Usui lineage) and have always intuitively called in the energy of the natural world to assist in the flow of energy to the recipient. This has led to training with the shamanic healer, Sandra Ingerman; and I am a graduate of Shamanic Energy Medicine with the prestigious Four Winds Light Body School where I trained with the renowned psychologist & shamanic practitioner, Dr. Alberto Villoldo.

Georgina x


 About Reiki, Shamanism and Energy

Both Reiki and Shamanism work with the innate ‘oneness’ of things.

Reiki healing works with energy and it can never hurt you. Reiki helps send energy to where the recipient needs it to go to. It is a treatment that comes from the heart. It is beautiful to use in a wide array of situations. It can help someone transition from illness to wellness. It can help ‘recharge’ your batteries, it can help soothe both physical and emotional wounds.

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality that exists today, and it draws upon the essential forces of Nature such as the winds, plants, smoke, rocks, animals, fire and water for healing. Shamanism teaches that Nature can balance and revitalise and shift consciousness. It helps us help ourselves and connect to the power of the natural world around us.

Energy is seen by many as the next paradigm in modern medicine. Research in cell biology, genetics and quantum physics, is revealing to the western mind how energy affects matter. Mind, matter and energy are inextricably linked. We are all aware of the notion of psychosomatic illness, well with energy medicine we can turn that on its head and work towards wellness.

 Coming to the Apothecary for a Reiki/Shamanic healing session

When you come to the Archeus Apothecary for a healing session you will enter a physical space that is dedicated to connecting with Nature for health and well-being. Shelves contain healing herbs, tinctures and plant essences, many of which are grown, harvested and made here on the Archeus property. The Apothecary building is in the garden and I believe that being surrounded by so many medicinal and healing plants only adds to the work that takes place.

Your treatment can take place on a massage table, on the floor, or seated - whichever is most comfortable for you. You will remain clothed for your treatment and you will be cosy in sheepskin rugs and in herb-infused cloth.

Treatments depend on the needs of the person I am working on. I may use a range of techniques including Reiki, shamanic techniques and I may use plants and plant essences during your treatment and make a plant essence blend for you to go home with on your first session.


Distance healing session

I am also able to work with you even if we are not in the same room. We will exchange some information by phone, skype or WhatsApp and then we can either do the session connected by technology, or we will arrange a time for the energy work to take place without being on the phone. It is best if you are able to find a quiet time in your day for this as this may help you notice any differences during or after the treatment. We can then follow up to see how it went and to look at future treatments.


How many sessions

A minimum of 3 successive sessions is generally recommended over the course of 2 or 3 weeks for new clients. This supports you in adjusting to energy work and helps to start detoxifying and cleansing the body, mind and spirit. Improvements are likely to become more noticeable after 3 sessions.

Most people benefit from more than 3 sessions, particularly for true change and transformation of long-term and complex conditions, issues and problems. Multiple sessions provide the clearing, release and relaxation needed by the body to begin to repair itself and by the mind to release old patterns and beliefs.


Other treatments

Beauty of Nature Immersion Experience

I can now offer an absolute treat that works on a number of levels: after an initial consultation I will pamper you with a delicious facial created with Archeus oils, creams, mists and plant essences plus other natural ingredients (many prepared fresh on the day). Then we head deeper as I work at an energetic level with plant energy and healing energy to take you to a deep and relaxing state of healing.

Allow up to two hours for this treatment. 


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I look forward to helping you on your healing journey.