At Archeus we love our pets and want the best for them also.

Anima Pet Balm:

So we have made our Anima Pet Balm with all the love and finest natural ingredients we bring to our Archeus range.

Friends of Archeus may recall a post we put on our Facebook page back in March about how Cathy the parking meter lady used Archeus Vital Balm on her dog to help bring some relief to a nasty allergic rash it gets from Wandering Willie plant. Well for those who don’t know the story, it seemed to work so well that she started giving chunks of Vital Balm to people who walked their dogs in the same park in Wellington. Then they started ordering the Balm and word spread from there. Then a vet tried it on his dog and loved it as well.

The interest in using the Balm for much loved pets has been so great that we have now launched our Anima Vital Pet Care line with our Anima Pet Balm. We’ve made the balm a little softer than Vital Balm so that it is easier to apply, but it is packed full of all the certified organic and natural plant oils and extracts and beeswax that we use in our Archeus range. The herbs we use in the Pet Balm are selected for their healing and anti-itch properties – after all why should we keep the best just for us when our pets are such an important part of our family?

Anima Chasteberry Tincture:

Has your horse got raging hormones? Maybe our Chasteberry Tincture can provide some relief. Chasteberry, or Vitex agnus-castus, has been used by women for centuries for helping to smooth out hormones during menopause. People have found that it can also help smooth out hormonal issues in horses. It is used in treating Cushing's disease and for reducing hormonal behaviour in some mares during oestrus.  We also know people who have used it to help stop colts or geldings getting a bit 'uppity'. In humans it is known to be used by monks as an 'anti-aphrodisiac', so maybe a similar thing happens in horses! Our tincture comes in 100ml and 50ml bottles. Do not hesitate to email us if you require larger quantities.