Aroma Ritual - smudge, scent, magic.

Aroma Ritual - smudge, scent, magic.

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This workshop is a delicious exploration of the world of scent, ritual and magic.

Using only the finest therapeutic grade essential oils, resins, herbs and spices we will explore the ways aroma has been used through time.

You will create your own natural incense blends, make your own smudge sticks and learn about what herbs, spices and resins. We will also make some ancient Egyptian incense known as 'kyphi'.

Then after lunch, you will explore scent to make your own natural perfume and we will have fun delving into ancient blends for making magic (the good kind only!).

This is a beautiful workshop, full of aroma, history and the divine. Archeus founder, Georgina Langdale, has been internationally recognised for her botanical formulations. She is also a master practitioner in energy medicine and a reiki master. She shares this knowledge in the Archeus workshops.

This workshop is limited to eight people. Snacks and refreshments will be provided but please do feel free to bring something to share at lunch.

The course runs from 10am - 3pm.

Click on the photos below for more info. You can also see a video about making incense on the 'About this Workshop' image below.

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  • Come to the beautiful Archeus Apothecary near Napier
  • All materials are included in the course fee.
  • You will get to take your own creations home with you.
  • Use ingredients we use to make Archeus products

About this Product

This workshop is a delicious and evocative exploration of the world of aroma and ritual

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In ritual smoke has traditionally been seen as a vehicle for carrying our prayers to the gods