Plant Energetics & Healing Seminar April 17

Plant Energetics & Healing Seminar April 17

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You know what it’s like a really happy person walks into a room -  the whole atmosphere changes right? And then there's that feeling when you're out in your garden, or going for a walk in Nature somewhere and you can just feel yourself relaxing, troubles start to diminish, you start to feel calmer, happier even. So what would happen if you took things a step further and started to look, not just at the landscape that's making you feel better, but at the individual plants? What if you could start to recognise and tap into their individual energy? And what if that energy could help bring about balance in your own emotional and interior world?

Does this intrigue you? Would you like to learn more about this? If so then this Archeus Autumn Series Seminar is going to be just the thing for you.

Archeus founder Georgina Langdale found that recognising and tapping into the healing power of plants helped her through some tough times. She then started to develop her ability to sense the energetic character of plants, and she studied how others did it too, people like Dr. Edward Bach who created Bach Flower Remedies (you may even use his Rescue Remedy) and now she's brought it all together in a range of learning opportunities and created essences and elixirs from plants she loves for they way they can make one feel.

In this seminar, Georgina will guide you through the fascinating and powerful world of plant energetics and healing. You'll learn how to use plant essences as well as some quick and easy energy medicine techniques to help you get through the day. (You’ll also receive a discount on your next purchase from the Archeus Plant Essences & Elixirs collection).

Bring a notepad and pen and your passion to discover more about the healing power of plants.

Archeus Autumn Series #3: Plant Energetics & Healing

WHEN: Wednesday 17 April, 7pm - 8.30pm 

WHERE:  In the Seminar Room at the Havelock North Function Centre, 30 Te Mata Road, Havelock North

COST: $20

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment