Botanic Repair Balm

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We created Botanic Repair Balm to meet the need in the market for a premium natural and vegan aftercare product for cosmetic tattoo and micropigmentation procedures on the face, scalp and breast.

Ingredients have been selected for their traditional reputation for anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturising and anti-itch properties. In addition to its primary use as cosmetic tattoo aftercare, Botanic Repair Balm is light enough to use as a facial moisturiser and women have also used it to soothe skin and nails after interventions such as chemo and radiotherapy.

We make this balm using artisan techniques to infuse organic oils and butters with a range of premium quality herbs used traditionally to soothe, heal and reduce inflammation. These include gotu kola, turmeric and rose absolute. The product is also infused with reiki energy during production. 

“I absolutely adore this stuff! All my clients rave about it! Couldn’t use anything better” - Elly Lloyd of Ell Eyes in Napier.

Christchurch based Lydia Harré of Aesthetic Creatives "My clients have incredible healed results using Botanic Repair, I’m very pleased!"

See below for more information about the ingredients we have used, notes on making it and some of the processes involved.

15g & 30g tins


Product Details

  • Calendula is a gentle yet powerful antiseptic and wound repairer
  • Contains luxurious and deep acting Rose Absolute
  • Can be used around eye and lip areas
  • Made with oils macerated with healing herbs

About this Product

This balm has been created to support speedy recovery after procedures such as micropigmentation and laser treatments. The ingredients have been selected for their anti-inflammatory, healing, moisturising and anti-itch properties, which makes this balm suitable for use on a wide range of skin conditions.

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Turmeric is a wonderful addition to skin care products as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. We also use it in our handwoven bed linen and yoga mats.