Archeus Vital Ink Organic Tattoo Balm

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Our Organic Vital Ink Tattoo Balm is ideal for healing your new work of art.

Contains beeswax

Available in 15g/0.52 oz and 30g/1.1 oz aluminium tins

See below for more information about the ingredients we have used, notes on making it and some of the processes involved.

Please note: we are currently changing over our label stock to the gold label with the stripe across it. All our 15g tins now come with this label. 30gram tins are still using up the old labels.

In addition, we have larger pots for tattoo artists to use while tattooing. Just email Georgina for more information and pricing.

    Product Details

    • Supports rapid healing after tattooing
    • Contains herbs used traditionally to reduce itching
    • Contains beeswax
    • Oils are infused with range of healing herbs

    About this Product

    We drew upon centuries of herbal wisdom to create this balm so that it is ideal for healing your new work of art.

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    Chickweed, or Stellaria media is a specific herb for cooling and soothing hot, itchy skin conditions, perfect for use on a healing tattoo.