Violet Leaf Intensive Décolletage Serum

Violet Leaf Intensive Décolletage Serum

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Since ancient times, violets have been used in traditional medicine for a range of women’s health issues and are particularly aligned with the breasts and the female reproductive tract. Violets are believed to help with painful, lumpy breasts. This serum is made to be massaged into your breast and neck area and may be helpful for painful breasts.

We make our Violet Leaf Intensive Decolletage Serum from violets growing in the Archeus gardens. This means our production is limited to what is available around us. This can vary from season to season.

Elemi oil is grounding and balancing and helps firm and tone skin. We have also added oak essence, made from one of our favourite trees on the property. Its energy is one of benign protection. It is good luck to be given anything from an oak tree, so this in part is our gift to you.

Please note: if you find anything abnormal in your breasts, you must consult a doctor.


See below for more information about the ingredients we have used, notes on making it and some of the processes involved.

50ml/1.69 fl.oz

Product Details

  • Violets are handpicked, dried and infused in oil in the Archeus gardens
  • We draw on centuries of plant wisdom to make this product
  • Oak plant remedy essence for added protection
  • Reiki infused and made with love

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A sublime treatment serum for the breasts

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In herbal medicine, plants can often give clues as to what their use is by how and where they grow; their colour, shape and other characteristics. Violet leaves are shaped like a woman's reproductive tract.