Aphrodite Tea

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Tea to love!

Aphrodite Apothecary Tea is a blend of the beautiful, the sublime and the slightly naughty!!

Damiana is a traditional medicinal herb famed for its aphrodisiac properties. It is fabulous for women going through menopause as it also helps with vaginal wall tissue and is commonly recommended to help with depression and anxiety. 

We've teamed it up with the tonic benefits of Schisandra berries, the freshness and focus of Rosemary (and did you know that rosemary can help ease headaches and aid concentration?), the warming qualities of clove and the delicious poetry of rose petals.

This tea tastes great and well.... we leave the rest up to you (but if you think you might need the help of a lubricating balm then check out our bestselling  Naturally Feminine Balm)!