Functional Fragrance

Our artisan perfume oils and botanical mists don't just smell great, they work with mind, body and soul to help you feel (and smell!) fabulous.

We use premium quality therapeutic grade essentials oils, each selected for its function as well as its fragrance. Our perfume oils also use beautiful certified organic camellia oil. Our mists are expert blends of pure plant hydrosols, essential oils and plant essences.

We started making our functional fragrances when we delved into the business of the fragrance industry and the adverse effects of the resulting proliferation of synthetic fragrances that are used. Ewww! So we create natural alternatives for you.

If you are looking for a totally natural fragrance that harnesses the aromatic, therapeutic and vibrational aspects of the plant of origin, then you have come to the right place.

Sometimes people say, 'oh but it doesn't last as long as my high street perfume'. Please be aware that natural fragrances don't hang around on the skin for as long as synthetic compounds do - they are beautiful, extraordinary natural extracts and should be celebrated for their own vital force and nature.

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