Burdock & Juniper Balancing Facial Serum

Burdock & Juniper Balancing Facial Serum

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So here's the thing - this is a beautiful facial serum that we developed for oily and combination skin. We make it with organic oils infused with herbs including burdock and horsetail.... BUT, you don't have to have oily or combination skin to benefit from it! It is a total gift for all skin types.

Archeus founder Georgina always wants to please everybody! So when people started saying 'oh but I must have a cream or serum for this skin type, or this skin type, or this one', Georgina set about making different products for all these demands. But deep inside she kept asking herself - 'why am I doing this?'. Her skin is like the skin of so many other women in their 50s - it can get a bit dry, or the occasional menopause spot, or it can feel just right. She has used all Archeus products on her own skin and has come to the conclusion that for the face, this serum and our Calendula & Gotu Kola Skin Repair Cream are the absolute best products and total all-rounders

If you do have oily skin though - here is a tip:

this fabulous serum can also be purchased with a pack of dried organic calendula petals. Add a teaspoon of petals to boiling water to make a strong infusion and use to rinse acne-affected areas such as face, neck and shoulders. For even more healing and calming support add some of our Witchhazel and Rosemary Plant Remedy Toner to the infusion.

After cleansing gentle dry area and apply a couple of drops of the Burdock & Juniper Balancing Facial Serum.


See below for more information about the ingredients we have used, notes on making it and some of the processes involved.

Serum 50ml/1.69 fl.oz

Calendula petals 30g

Product Details

  • Burdock root is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and aids cellular repair
  • Plantain is known for its drawing and healing properties
  • Horsetail is rich in silica and considered an aid to strengthening connective tissue
  • Juniper helps reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and promotes a clear and healthy complexion

About this Product

This serum is infused with herbs to help rebalance the skin’s sebum production, support the physiological processes that clear up spots and balance and clarify skin.

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In traditional herbal healing, burdock is regarded as a specific herb for clearing up acne and skin problems.