Botanically Infused Shroud - Lavender & Rosemary (Peace)

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In death, as in life, Nature is there for us.

We have created our shrouds as a simple and beautiful way of giving a loved one a final connection to Nature. 

Handwoven from certified organic cotton, the shrouds are lovingly infused and dyed with a range of beautiful herbs and then sewn in Hawke's Bay.

We have selected herbs for medicinal, energetic and symbolic properties and for their antibacterial benefits.

The shrouds can be used for Natural Burials or can be used with caskets for conventional burials.

We have customers who have bought their shrouds and lovingly embroidered them with images and messages to their loved ones. 

Our shrouds are made from 100% natural materials and approved by the NZ Natural Burial Council.

Shroud is 150cm x 450cm
Comes with three ties and instructions on how to use the shroud.

Lowering straps can be included - need to add as an option