Oh for a good night's sleep!!!!

The American Sleep Foundation estimates that around 63% of women have terrible sleep patterns. As our bodies change with the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause our sleep can be impacted. Medications can contribute to bed sleep, as can dealing with trauma or stress. Getting up to pee in the middle of the night can mean hours staring at the ceiling afterwards.

So many of our customers ask for help with sleep. I wish we had a universal elixir to help everyone, but of course, everyone is different and we all have our own rhythms and stresses and habits. What we can do is recommend some things you can do to help improve sleep patterns and we can tell you about some of our creations that may support you with this too.

Tips for better sleep

  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine close to bedtime. Have a nice cup of calming chamomile tea or a yummy hot milk with turmeric drink instead.
  • Turn your mobile phone off and just unhook from all that scrolling
  • Have a lovely relaxing bath and indulge yourself with a few drops of calming essential oils in the bath – like lavender.
  • Write a list of the things you need to do the next day so that you don’t wake in the night and feel you have to keep thinking about tasks so you don’t forget them.
  • Read a few pages of a book when you get into bed
  • Have some great sex and fall asleep exhausted!
  • Gently massage some of our Sleep Balm into your temples, forehead and heart chakra (we’ll tell you more about that below)
  • If you’re in perimenopause take a dropperful of our Transition Drops before getting into bed.

 "Wonderful blend of oils and smells. Sleeping much better" - Diane

Things that go hurrmph in the night

Night Sweats – these can happen at any time in your life, but for women they particularly tend to increase with menopause. They are caused by decreasing levels of estrogen. Sleep naked or in lightweight moisture-wicking clothing. Keep a glass of water by the bed. Avoid that alcohol nightcap

Sleep Apnea – this seems to increase with menopause too, possibly due to weight gain. It’s that thing when you snore and then gasp awake. If this is become a thing for you ask your doctor to check it out.

Restless Legs Syndrome – if your legs feel uncomfortable at night and you feel that you have to keep moving them to get them to calm down, this is restless leg syndrome and it can be an absolute bother as it prevents a good night’s sleep (plus it can really effect your partner too). Sleep organisations such a good vitamin supplement is a way to start to address the problem.


Archeus Products that can help support better sleep

We have a Sleep Balm that we originally made solely from plants growing in our garden. We loved it. Friends loved it and now we make it available on our website. Some of the ingredients still come from our gardens and we buy in some certified organic ingredients too. We use lovely plants including lavender, chamomile and rose. It smells divine. One important factor to note is that if you are trying to conceive or are pregnant you SHOULD NOT use this balm as it contains a plant call mugwort, which is beautifully relaxing, but not good to use if you are pregnant. Sleep Balm can be found here.

 One of the plants which Transition Drops are made from is known as Motherwort. She is a member of the mint family which is renowned for calming properties. Motherwort’s botanic name is Leonurus cardiaca, which means the lion-hearted. Don’t you love that! Over millennia women have used her to help with stress, night sweats and irregular periods. We’ve had some great reviews from women who have used this. You can check it out here.

We also have a range of plant and flower essences which are all rather delightful. Have you heard of Bach Flower Remedies such as Rescue Remedy? Well ours are made in the same way, but with a strong emphasis on plants that can be beautiful allies for women as we go through our stuff. Find out more here.

"These [drops] are life changing, I would not be without them. Thank you Georgina" - Donna



If you’ve got tips for a good night’s sleep, please do share them in the comments below. Let’s help each other on this one!

I love and adore all of your products that I have purchased... outstanding!